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Excuse me?

June 17, 2016

Can we find anything to laugh about?  We know our president loves to laugh at Republicans for their really crazy ideas.  But now we have a “wild and crazy guy” Donald Trump who gets on the nerves of our fearless leader.  I enjoyed Steve Martin during his days on SNL in the dark ages of our country.  Can you believe only boys were allowed in a boys bath room back then?  We were blind to the prejudice and paranoia of boys denied  use of the girls room!

President Obama stuck his head into the girls bath room to let boys be girls if they wanted to pretend.  Steve Martin had a standard line from his imaginary character; “Well, excuuuuse me!”  This response was sarcasm to underscore any remorse and was in fact a taunt against people dumb enough to demand an apology.

Donald Trump has taken the Steve Martin response to taunt and irritate the politically correct.

Democrat  demands for apologies on any idea that offends their sensibility is an endless list.  USA has grown weary of guilt trips imposed by illegal aliens complaining about life in USA.  USA has guilt of white privilege by the black oppression extortion industry of Black Lives Matter showing up to protest.

It appears that LGBT month in 2016 has more concerns about keeping a blood thirsty Islamic killer with guns out of any night club bath room.  The sad and depressing lack of attention for his reports on concerns of gun shop owner about the Muslim killer he rejected sales from his store never made it anywhere with FBI.  So PULSE massacre went on slaughtering LGBT by Muslim killer.

So it is the fault of  Republicans and Donald Trump that we are making Muslims angry enough to go on a murdering rampage?  I call upon the classic retort of Steve Martin.  Excuse me?

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