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Everybody making money off Trump

June 4, 2016

Just like the great schnozz used to say; “Everybody is trying to get into the act!”  Jimmy Durante had a great sense of humor and loved by the USA.  Donald Trump has everybody trying to tell him what he is doing wrong, and why everybody hates him.  Everybody is telling him how to act!  It seems funny that so many critics are getting more money by attacking a man they do not know.

Dixie Chicks started a new tour in Cincinnati with some stage decorations depicting Donald J. Trump with devil horns and a Van Dyke beard.  They were singing their ballad about killing a mean husband “Goodbye Earl” and had a stage prop using Trump’s scribbled photo.   This prop may be an attention getter, but why should the evil hated Trump be a prop for entertainers to get publicity?  Why do money grubbing entertainers have the right to use Trump to promote their ticket sales?

The Dizzy Chicks attacked President George W. Bush when overseas on tour and of course apologized because folks would not buy their tickets in USA.  Now the same old routine is dusted off to get publicity by making fun of Trump.  Who cares?

President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

President Truman seated with Durante “Somebody always wants to get into the act!”


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