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Merry month of May for USA

June 3, 2016

USA had a lot to fear in May, 2016.  Airline passengers did not get off the ground thanks to TSA cutting back on airport screeners in a busy season.  TSA did not reduce their number of employees, but chose to reduce employees to help screen passengers held up for extra hours.

President Obama is traveling across the USA to brag on his saving our economy.  It seems hard to believe the unemployment report issued by his Bureau of Labor.  38,000 jobs are all everyone in the USA could find in May!  Parents with graduating high school students, and parents with college graduates still living at home are giving up hope at this point.  Thank you President Obama for reducing unemployment by 450,000 citizens giving up looking for work after May.  The percentage of citizens working is an all time low of 62%!

We know that Obama is incredibly dense when he continues to say he is doing a better job of returning the USA than President Ronald Reagan.  38,000 citizens are celebrating their new jobs.  Millions are waiting for an opportunity to work for a living.

We need more taxes, more illegal aliens, more refugees, and more regulations to raise wages.  We look forward to June adding 60,000 jobs?  Please have our president give more speeches on his success in ruining our economy!  We are just too stupid to see that fewer jobs is more good news.  Maybe we are tired of fairy tales and continued lies instead of results.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!  Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits! Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.


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