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Sanders new campaign motto?

June 1, 2016

Supporters of Bernie Sanders as a Democrat presidential candidate, will be shouting a new slogan for this self avowed Socialist campaigning as a Democrat. VENEZUELA or Bust!

Sanders supporters know Bernie wants everyone to be ready to start a political revolution!  The Socialist country Venezuela has the citizens ready for a real revolution to overthrow their failed government.  Sanders is confident that we still have too many rich people in the USA that he can tax more for his campaign promises.  Venezuela has taxed and then confiscated companies into oblivion to ruin their economy and kill the majority of jobs in the socialist country.

The commercial news media seem oblivious to the ruin of Venezuela due to give away promises offered by the Socialist run government headed by Nicolas Maduro.  Some economists have blamed their wealth of oil reserves as the reason for their economic failure?  It has been labeled Dutch Disease. I think the remedy is for the citizens to give Maduro a shot or two. His predecessor Hugo Chavez worked closely with our fearless leader before his secret demise due to a chronic health problem not treated by his own doctors in Venezuela.

Venezuela is the ideal country for Climate Change study with no carbon emissions from factories because they have no electricity plants running.  The population do not have food and do not have toilet paper.  It is an ideal remedy to our cutting back on industry and consumption.  Many people scrounge food from dumpsters and are going hungry.  For some odd reason, the population is ready to revolt.  The Venezuela revolution is not for Sanders style socialism.

Bernie should visit Maduro to show his solidarity in Socialism!

US State Department has issued a travel warning to our citizens that there are no sections of Caracas free from threat of heavily armed criminals looking for jewelry or our dollars, since their currency is worthless.  Bernie is brave enough to laugh at threats from fellow socialists in Venezuela!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

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