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Beware of Georgie the Greek on ABC

May 13, 2016

Candidate Donald J. Trump has the courage to take on all comers who want to challenge him. I watched Good Morning America on Friday 13, 2016.  George was busier than a bee buzzing and trying to sting Donald Trump with rapid fire staccato questions.  One of the issues George devoted repeat attacks was demanding the tax return information of Trump.

For some odd reason, George did not link or post anything on his official Twitter account; @GStephanopolous about his one on one session interrogating Trump.  Perhaps, the response Trump offered back to George he wishes never happened. “I know she (Hillary) is a good friend of yours and I know you worked for them and didn’t reveal it.”  Plus we learned that George  donated heavy money to the Clinton Foundation to ensure his priority on getting access to his friends that can be bought.

The Disney company has to pay attention to their keeping balanced news coverage on ABC and ESPN.  There are questions if news coverage is honest by the political shark George Stephanopolous  hosting a weekly editorial news program plus the daily morning program.

Donald J. Trump moved on this next busy whirl of media interviews and events to reach the public.  The cowards that refuse to appear on FOX News reveal their fear of facing any difficult questions on issues important for the public.  Nobody can claim that Trump runs and hides from the interrogators who want to scalp him.  George is nursing his pride and taking a ice bath after getting kicked where it hurts. Maybe George can investigate the tax filing for the Clinton Foundation?

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

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