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FINAL DESTINATION doom in Cleveland!

May 7, 2016

The FINAL DESTINATION movie series have a oddball curse.  If you avoid death, then you are just delaying a more horrific bloody death that is inevitable.  This movie series  celebrates death by a wide variety of mechanical means.  The first movie kicked off our Millennium in the year of global cyber doom in 2000.

The hero and heroine in each movie are saved by acting on a intuition or foresight of impending doom.  It proves that paranoia and a hysterical imagination can save your life, before it kills you anyway.  Of course, the couples in each movie are doomed to never consummate their love while they are consumed by fevered nightmares.  Everyone gets to argue and walk out several times before meeting some gruesome end.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has a premonition of death and disaster bothering his vision of the Republican Party future.  Paul is desperate to save his party from destruction and doom because he knows Donald Trump will destroy the beautiful tranquil future for Republicans!  This is Ryan’s FINAL CONVENTION!  People decide where the party goes.

Ryan has the dilemma of vividly seeing the end of the world, and nobody wants to listen to his hysterical visions of doom.  The Bush family do not want to descend into the abyss of listening to the opinions of common folk on political candidates for president.  Even The National Review has no doubt that Donald Trump will destroy the tranquil silence by a noisy victory for president.

The paid protesters claiming how Trump has defamed, inflamed, and is the cause of their protesting paid by Soros organization.  It is all the fault of Trump!  The illegal aliens who are robbing, killing, and raping for the last few years do not deserve criticism from Trump.  Democrats look upon the protests from Trump as childish and beneath their lofty position.

Commercial news media personalities relish somberly warning all of their viewers that protester violence on the video they keep replaying is disturbing.  Viewer ratings have never been higher since the people of the USA do want to see what Donald Trump is up to!  Paul Ryan will never fill a hall with people the way Donald Trump packs them in.

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

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