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England grateful last visit by president

April 22, 2016

President Obama celebrated Earth Day 2016 in England.  His armada of aircraft and personal vehicles used enough carbon energy to run Haiti for 10 years. For some reason the first family are avoiding Haiti?  Theft of tens of millions of donated aid dollars from USA to Haiti still leave 90% of the population living in the jungle instead of promised shelter.

It was great to see the royal couple insist having the man of the manor drive the guests to Queen Elizabeth abode.  The Duke of Edinburgh got a part time job driving for Uber at 95 years of age.  Obama did not give him a tip when they got to the front door.

The purpose of the visit was to freeload and have us tax payers give the first family another vacation at our expense.  There was absolutely no work conducted other than to have everybody adore and hang on every word of our president.  Michelle had to spend a fortune on her traveling ward robe, again!

Our fearless leader was not brave enough to address the House of Commons.  The outspoken rowdy members of the House reputation was enough to scare our president away.  The population of England were all eager to see their visitors leave.  We are not so lucky because we know our tourists will return too soon.

It is great to see the Queen in good health at age 90!  It is amazing to see Uber using the Duke of Edinburgh as a driver at 95!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!

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