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April 15, 2016

The oppressed children of slaves are now demanding that the slave masters pay a price.  The heritage genealogy of these Black Lives Matter victims remains suspect if any of their families had ever been enslaved. Universities are shamed into hiring professors that know all the black rap artists popular with oppressed minorities. It is not clear that rap classes will help anyone be successful in their future.

After a long tiring day of protesting and disrupting library studies of fellow students, there is hardly any time to actually study.  BLM demands  university schedules create time for more planned spontaneous protests.  Protesters need a Safe Space paid by the university to hide from police that is a sanctuary from civil law and university regulations.  Students will not be permitted to have a safe space free from endless protests for social justice by BLM.  Any student witnessed fleeing the endless string of BLM protests will be accused of a hate crime and subject to dismissal guilty of white supremacy.

Anybody who thinks they can curse, push, shove and punch anybody to prove they are helpless victims really needs a reality check.  Nobody has the right to demand I do anything because of slavery from 140 years ago.  Germany had a minority of brown shirt militant head bangers that intimidated the country and got der Fuhrer.  The USA does not owe anyone anything from 140 years ago.  The solution may be to set up territories just like the Indian reservation system.  All BLM seeking compensation from USA for slavery can stake land in abandoned Detroit and Chicago neighborhoods.  It will be a safe space and they can be assured that no white supremacy people will bother them.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel  Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.


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