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Everybody has to apologize!

April 10, 2016

There is a national craze to demand an apology.  You have to feel guilty and apologize for so many ridiculous infractions of good manners.  Protesters stomping on our USA flag demand apologies for anybody kicking their ass.  USA citizens blockading busloads of illegal alien children dreamers getting shoved at your expense into your town need to apologize.  Our globe trotting president is ashamed of us folks because he has to remind the tax payers protesting his fiscal waste that it is our fault he has to spend more.  “That’s not who we are!”  We have an identity crisis created by commercial news media and socialist communist professors.

News media want to know if a pizza parlor would or would not cater a homosexual wedding reception!  Who the hell cares?  News media want to know “If abortions would become illegal, what should the punishment be?”  What the hell is this nonsense?  We need to apologize for stuff that has NOT HAPPENED?

News media distracts people from the real problems of our country, to create imaginary problems as issues for apology and debate.  News media has become not only irrelevant, but have climbed the tower of Babel to ruin communication!  How many real problems are under investigation by news media?  Government waste, graft, and too many elected officials become millionaires because lobbyists want to “donate”  and invite them into business deals.  It is great that Harry Reid and Barrack Obama became millionaires by serving the USA.  It is unbelievable that this is not even investigated!  Can our commercial news media apologize for failing to do their job?

I apologize that I do not feel sorry for biased pig headed egotists who know their problems are all because of little old me.  It is great that we have so many people living well by shaming and blaming us common folk.  I know our future happiness depends on the success of my “Grumble & Bitch” philosophy endorsed by the Curmudgeon Society.

Yes, that is who we are.  We are fed up, and not sorry to bitch about the lazy stupid whiners demanding hand outs.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

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  1. April 10, 2016 11:34 am

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.

  2. April 10, 2016 11:34 am

    Ike, was right.

    • hoboduke permalink*
      April 10, 2016 12:27 pm

      USA is walking on thin ice lacking a strong leader.

      • April 10, 2016 2:24 pm

        Absolutely. Problem is, those leading everyone onto the ice, are idiots.


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