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Comrade Sanders poverty revolution

April 6, 2016

Politicians posturing as a revolutionary is nonsense.  Revolutionary Sanders has enjoyed living off his federal salary as an elected representative and then senator for 25 years!  So the revolution is starting now?  What has Sanders ever done while in office?

He has never worked other than as a politician.  If you spend your whole life as a politician, how can you now promise to revolt against what you did your whole life?  His best years have been wasted sitting on his rump and pretending to help advance our country by doing nothing.  What major law, bill, or special committee achievement is in his miserable wasted life in government?

A self declared “socialist” threatens to choke and break up big banks to fund his free stuff promised to get him elected to do nothing as president.  Where is the socialist party in the USA?  Nobody knows them after his 25 years praising their utopia principles.  Hillary Clinton lacked the courage to challenge or question why a socialist can pretend to run as a Democrat.  Now after getting bitch slapped by the Jewish socialist, Hillary will question why Democrats are hugging a socialist close to the graveyard.  It is clear, Hillary did not consider that she is so hated and despised that an old Jewish socialist is more popular than the queen of graft.

Our country has ignored and left the millennial generation as cast offs in order to invite illegal aliens and run around the globe apologizing for our past accomplishments.  I cannot blame the millennials for getting desperate and questioning their future chances.  However, it is sad to see that small trinkets of free stuff is more important than the opportunity to grow our economy.  It is also a sign of desperation.  It is similar to hanging onto the promises of a drunk at closing time in a saloon.  The drunk will not remember anything the next day, and the promises are gone after election.  Bernie Sanders is drunk with the amazing popularity he enjoys as a failed politician who has done nothing ever.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

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