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Selfie “how to” for Boomers

March 31, 2016

I snapped my selfie in the hijacked jet plane toilet from Egypt.  Now I can take selfies just like our fearless leader. I am not sure why this has become a global craze.  People have died in the process of self promotion by walking off a cliff, etc.

I am trying to figure out how to take a selfie of me using chalk on the sidewalk in front of White House marking out “Trump 2016“.   I may ask a policeman to take my picture to help me get famous.  I will check if I need a EPA permission slip or if this qualifies as “hate speech” threat.

I do not want to let the marvels of our new millennium pass me by with fewer years left to be above ground.  I plan on doing a YouTube Karaoke with me singing in my car with bums and hobo folk I pick up hitchhiking.  I was inspired by the fat British guy James Corden on CBS late night. I am fatter than he is, so I have to be a bigger hit.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.


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