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You’re Hired!

March 21, 2016

On March 21, 2016 Donald Trump had a very busy day.  He met in Washington D.C. with some Republican big wheels in the morning.  I watched him at his press conference from his newest project from the old post office in Washington.  Hotel is under construction and 2 years ahead of schedule and under budget, thank you.  He called on many reporters on all topics.  He called on a young woman he did not know.

She was asking about his priority on hiring veterans.  Trump asked if she was a veteran, and yes, she is a veteran.  He called her up to the podium.  He told her to meet with his head of personnel on stage with him.  She got his card and has an appointment.  All this happened instantly in front of news media trying to pin down Trump on some touchy topics.

I had to reflect on this.  He called on a woman he did not recognize as a press regular.  He was listening to her and made the deduction that she might be looking for a job.  He calls her up when she said she was a veteran.  Does anyone need to know the heart of a man who will treat a total stranger with respect and dignity?  He did not treat her like someone begging.  He respected her and treated her with respect. He did not look to avoid her  and set up a story to delay her.  Trump acts like a leader!

Liberals will promise jobs programs, and government programs to “handle veterans issues”.  This is government socialism lingo that you are on a waiting list for years.  Trump did not dodge or evade her personal life problem.  The news media was ready to pounce, and walked away with a heart warming human interest real life story.

Trump hotel in Chicago

Trump hotel in Chicago


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