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Saved again by “Can’t Do” attittude?

March 5, 2016
Our son in combat for USA.

Our son in combat for USA.

The citizens of our USA have a reputation as being over confident, dumb, and for some odd reason successful.  There are countries that have civilizations over a thousand years old that look at us and laugh.  These same countries are living like they did a thousand years ago.

We are fortunate to have in our country many who will try to stop us; to protect ourselves from success.  “You can’t do that!”  Demanding freedom from an English monarch started a American Revolution and there were a lot of “You can’t do that!” folks who let a few fight and die for our freedom.

The campaign for president has brought out more pessimists to save us from our ourselves.  Donald Trump has made his fortune in the USA in real estate.  He has not always been successful, but he never stopped looking for new opportunities.  Fortunately, we have a lot of experts on stuff that know this man can never succeed.  The few folks that are interested in supporting Trump as our presidents of these United States of America need to adopt our “You can’t do that!” attitude.

We need to stay seated and do not rock the boat.  The life time and 3rd generation politicians know how to add more taxes and regulations best.  Freedom is an experiment that can hurt people.  There are political dictators that would be upset if we continue with this freedom nonsense in the USA.

It is astounding that the Grand Old Party has shoved into the spot light their ruling class elite folks to warn us against following Donald Trump.  We need a firm hand to hold us in place and just listen to the adults in power.  We are told it will take centuries to make progress.

The “You can’t do that!” experts are not elected or selected by we the people.  Who are these people that help us by tearing down people?  They have always been with us.  My sons are the millennial generation, and they are not willing to give up.  They have fought and some died for our freedom in wars we won in battle, but lost in diplomacy.  I ignore the diplomacy experts advice.  They have never won anything from our sacrifices of military.

So we are not free to choose anymore.  We are not wise enough to understand failures in diplomacy and just accept learning to stay in our place. The experts on why “You can’t do that” are free to talk, but not free to deny our freedom to choose.  I see our spirit of 1776 alive in my sons generation.

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