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Whack a mole bothers Obama

February 24, 2016

The official position of our fearless leader is USA will not respond to every military attack.  Our threats to Syria on banned biological warfare weapons just hung in the air without any military response from the USA.  We cannot use our military in a “whack a mole strategy”!

The small acts of aggression in military attacks by ISIS and Syria were not handled by our military following our commander in chief.  Our president gave tacit go ahead to Russia leader Putin to buddy up with Assad to kill his protesting faction of citizens under smoke screen of attacking ISIS.  Russia did significant bombing that hurt ISIS and helped Assad.  Putin rules of engagement did not bother to wait for innocent civilians to get out of the way.  ISIS always chose to be in civilian areas anyway.

If the USA squashed ISIS in 2014, then there would be no refugee crisis in Europe from Syria.  The president wanted to be more sophisticated than crude warfare killing terrorists.  After all, remember the Crusades was a problem over a thousand years ago by killing some Muslim civilians in the warfare.  Assad heard USA talk but not act in stopping his violations in use of chemical weapons.

Europe is floundering under mass invasion of Muslims claiming they are fleeing for safety.  However, the European countries with Muslim refugees are under attack by rapes, robberies, welfare bankruptcy, and best of all are complaints by refugees against European culture plus traditions.

If USA only played a little whack a mole using our military back in 2014, then 2016 would be safer around the world.  The people of the world are often talking about Obama in their curses and complaints.

Obama mocked Romney on threat from Russia in campaign of 2012.

Obama mocked Romney on threat from Russia in campaign of 2012.

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