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A nation of emigrants; USA

February 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders has started a movement in our USA!  My parents left their home in Europe because they knew  communists of Russia killed anyone who opposed complete domination and control of citizens.  They came as legal immigrants to the USA to be free.

We have to consider becoming an emigrant to avoid the Bernie Sanders Revolution. Citizens are seeing the risk to their life from violent groups of Islamic terrorists.  We see cities burned by black protesters claiming that whites are slave masters.  We see Sanders rallies with capitalism convicted and waiting for the death sentence upon his election.  Profitable corporations with international business will join the exodus to Ireland from the USA.

We need to look to clowns for guidance.  If the clowns are packing up to leave, then you know the end is at hand for USA.  We can look forward to the IRS adding staff to confiscate and impound wealth on a massive scale for Sanders.  If you have built up a business, then you get the top prize.  Audits, confiscation, and convicted guilty of greed are your rewards by the Sanders inquisitions.

Do not get too comfortable in your home.  When my parents left Europe, they left all of their possessions and property behind.  They hitch hiked carrying what they needed to find freedom.

Bernie speaking to  an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

Bernie speaking to an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.



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