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Revolution will begin in 2016!

February 14, 2016

Comrade Sanders invites all communists to live off the rich people.  He is blind to the real revolution in front his face.  The average slob has been prodded, pushed, taxed, and shamed over their heritage and guilt for every problem in society today.  I do not feel guilty.  I feel fine, and I am fed up with silly problems.  I do not feel guilt or shame on spot light of commercial news media crisis of the week.  They choose their crisis calendar to boost their advertising sales and 5 minute “in depth” reports to follow.

Bernie will be forgotten as he shuffles off to a communist retirement home in Siberia.  We will be blazing the torch of freedom to finish the revolution that started our country.  Of course, this is wrong and I should feel guilty?  I will laugh at the morons moaning over the cave men and religious right terrorists who are beheading Muslims and saving babies.

My scientific survey work has been done at taverns, saloons, and nightclubs.  Nobody cares about hurting the feelings of communists, free loaders, and illegal aliens.  It is not our fault there are people dumb enough to expect everybody will bail them out and save every moron walking into troubles we all have endured.

I am practicing already for our Return of Revolution!  Look out world!  Here we come! Average slobs do not ask for pity, or permission.  We are ready to elect a real leader to be in charge of the USA that will piss off the people who need to endure some misery watching us slobs enjoy life again.

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