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Squeezing more taxes from oil? Tanks!

February 4, 2016

There are no adequate words to thank our fearless leader Obama.  He has a modest proposal for the USA tax payers.  How about collecting $10 dollars from every barrel of oil that is bought and sold in the USA?  Oil price was about $30 per barrel today so this is only a tax of 30%!  Of course, the shipping companies, gas stations, and users of public transportation plus drivers will pay more.  But why should USA get any benefit from our risk and investments in producing oil that lowers our prices today?

Last year Obama was taking victory laps on our lower gasoline prices, despite his obstructing and blocking federal oil development.  All of the benefits are from private lands in states that permit oil exploration.  Federal paper shufflers did zip to help USA get lower oil prices.  Now this year, he is ready to steal money for his billionaire buddies who fund his foundation by “donations”.

The evil Republican majority in Congress will make this new tax dead on arrival.  Thank God this is Obama last year of helping USA by more taxes.  Weeping Obama publicity picture is great keep sake to remember with tears of joy on his departure.  If you want to see price increase of 30% for your use of energy, than be sure to vote for Obama supporters!

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