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Honeymoon suite of B. Sanders

January 29, 2016

What more could a newlywed hope for back in 1988?  As Mayor of Burlington, Vermont the newly wed Bernie Sanders was a global jet setter.  12 person delegation from his city went to Yaroslavl, Russia with his new bride Jane a day after they were wed.  Russia had endured the Reagan presidency and was a diminished world threat after his efforts.  Trade was desired by Russia to rebuild after disasters of communist central planning.

Honeymoon shopping had to be very interesting by this Volga river city.  My parents were shipping food and clothes to relatives in the former Soviet Union.  The Russian stores looked like a looting after Black Lives Matter protests.  Rotten hunks of beef nobody wants in the butcher case had limited appeal.  However, for the Russians that was a typical shopping experience with centralized agriculture in ruins under their government.

In letters that came back home to us, we could tell which items were taken by Russian soldiers protecting their country from USA food and clothes.  The tariff to let a package enter Russia territory was exorbitant on top of the amazing cost of shipping.  Of course, not knowing what actually got through after pilfering was always another concern.  The security workers were wealthy in the black market by selling the confiscated goods from USA relatives.

Vladimir Putin will offer honeymoon specials to those who want to start their married memories in Russia in the Sanders suite.  Our country does include a lot of eccentric fruit cakes.  We salute Sanders for taking the cake!  Honeymoons begin in Yaroslavl?  Bernie knows how to be “From Russia With Love”!  Why did he wait 25 years to get his bride a wedding ring?  We know he is more cheap than romantic.  Maybe the government should buy wedding rings for all grooms?


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