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Our low energy prices are from greedy Wall St.

January 13, 2016

We had semi truck drivers protesting sky high diesel fuel prices back in 2008 that were shutting down their business.  We found political theater alive and well with Nancy Pelosi setting up shop across the street from a gas station.  She had major gas pains.  Of course the villain was highly visible.  BIG OIL is rolling in money that was choking the average driver who had to sacrifice food or medicine for gasoline.  Nancy and the Democrats had no solution, but they were lighting torches and getting pitchforks to attack Wall Street listed energy companies.

Our fearless leader,  his sidekick crazy Joe, and of course Pelosi and Reid scoffed at the nonsense of counting on USA lower energy prices by increasing production.  It would take at least 10 years to have any effect, and the Democrats knew because they have killed approvals for allowing oil drilling on federal lands for decades.  However, ingenuity and invention by private industry found new production by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” as known now.  “Drill baby drill” was a delusion promoted by simple minded capitalists who wanted to defile our earth by USA carbon energy source.  Solar Power and turbines were the future answer by Democrats, but at a higher cost of course.  Nobody could stick a wind turbine on the roof of their car to drive to work yet.

Where are the doomsday Wall Street prophets of our doom?  They are crowing  that we have the lowest price of gasoline in 20 years, because of the Democrats!  The increased oil production came from lands permitted by states and the governors saved the USA by taking initiative to ignore the scorn heaped on BIG OIL.  Why are the Pelosi parade followers not setting up by gas stations to thank the greedy oil industry for our lowest prices in 20 years?

Our president was smug back in 2012 in his infamous assertion; “If you have a business-you didn’t build that! Somebody else made that happen!”  His prophecy of doom to rely on oil drilling back in 2008 is forgotten.  He now takes credit for the governors expediting oil drilling on private land in states across USA.  Federal land drilling continues to crawl at a pace that your application will get a permit by the time you retire from your employer oil company.  In fact, we can be certain that the same Democrat politicians screaming out high gas prices will introduce more taxes on gas because the prices dropped by magic.  The magic is capitalism and the profit motive that drives Wall Street.


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