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State of the Union 2016 speech

January 12, 2016

President Obama will stun the world with his 2016 State of the Union speech tonight.  He will accept responsibility for those  killed and wounded under his nonsense rules of engagement that endangered our military and protect terrorists.  Nobody cares if the president refers to the Jihad killers as ISIS, or ISIL, or DAESH.  He can make up all the names he wants, but the problem is that we see too many getting killed by Muslims.  Our ambassador Stevens and his consulate staff were killed by Muslims.  Hillary Clinton knew they were protesters inflamed by some video nobody saw.  Wait, now Hillary never said they were protesters?  President Obama never spoke about his role in the Benghazi massacre.  He will let us in on his secret tonight!

Europe is starting to stir, finally.  The citizens are dealing with refugee flood of rapists, thugs, and free loaders from Syria.  Raping and assaulting women to celebrate New Year around Europe by festive refugee men was hushed up, until now.  Vigilante action by citizens is a natural response to meet threats ignored by police and government.  The natives are getting restless in the USA watching a lot of nothing done to protect our families.  Our president has excelled at doing nothing but letting criminal illegal aliens rob, kill, and stay in USA.

The highlight of the speech tonight will confirm that by executive order, our president will declare that every man, woman, and child are now trillionaires!  The trillion dollar deficit budget that is not enough for the dreams of our president, will entitle everyone to be taxed to pay back 19 trillion dollars! Our country has never enjoyed owing more money and getting so little in return.  To reward the fiscal insanity of Obama, we will make his retirement income contingent on the deficit getting reduced on an annual basis and then he can get money for that year.

The suspense is building in anticipation for the last speech tonight.  CNN has a countdown clock clicking down the minutes until the world will hear our president.  Just mentioning this, since nobody watched CNN.

We won’t be seeing much of our fearless leader in his final year.  His travels around the globe continue spreading his meddling and complaining about every country that does not match his high ideals.  Happy Trails!


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