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Bob Costas interview Adrian Peterson

January 10, 2016

The wild card playoff game between Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings is a real exciting contest.  ESPN aired a interview with Adrian Peterson about his indictment of child abuse for discipline of his 4 year old son prior to game time.  Not to be outdone, NBC gnome Bob Costas solemnly told us NFL fans that if he had been given enough time by his greedy NBC broadcast boss, then he would have asked the hard questions about child abuse.  But since he didn’t get enough time, after wasting several minutes saying he did not get enough time, he proceeded on a boring line of questions.  So he wanted to ask questions that ESPN already asked the same day.

Do NFL fans worry about disciplining a child when watching a football game?  My kids could be lost in the woods and I would not notice.  That’s why we always had dogs.  The dogs barked if the kids went missing.  I do not care what Bob Costas wants to ask about child discipline of a NFL superstar.  I am curious who colors Bob hair, eyebrows and does his makeup to only look 50 years old.

Got to love Mike Ditka who said his dad use a heavy hand to get him to learn discipline.  Mike said he needed it.  Chicago loves Iron Mike from his tight end playing days under Poppa George Halas.  His coaching led the Bears to their last Super bowl.

Bob is a leech who profits and lives very well by pretending he is qualified to comment on gun control, child abuse, and he deserves to be smug about it.

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