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We need “piss & vinegar” now!

January 3, 2016

You are walking to your car at midnight and hear footsteps coming up quick behind you.  What do you do?

You see radical Islamic protestors surrounding your government consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Nobody in the State Department bothers to answer your emails, or requests for protection.  In fact, they reduce your protection.  What do you do?

These questions have no inevitable answer or outcome.  In fact, men and women with “piss & vinegar” ignore obstructions or restrictions to provide aid.  I look forward to experiencing the movie; 13 hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi. 

This movie may be as uncomfortable as confronting a criminal trying to rob you.  However, it is the duty of citizens to defend and protect our fellow citizens and our country.  This movie covers a real attack on citizens of the USA shoved into a hostile environment in Libya.  How fellow citizens respond, when our government fails and abandons citizens is a testament on the character of “Who we are!”  Our executive branch may fail to protect and defend citizens, but fellow citizens do not need instructions on “Who we are”!

It is too late to save those harmed by a lazy and lax attention to protecting our citizens assigned to danger zones.  The time has come to bring to justice those who failed in their duty to those now dead.  It is clear that more citizens are getting full of “piss & vinegar” to take action now to right the wrongs from our federal government.  This movie will add more heat for dragging out the scoundrels and liars involved in the cover up of Benghazi massacre on 9/11/2012.  Thus far we have arrested 1 that is ONE minor character in the murders of our citizens.  Khattala has not been tried or sentenced. Expect a trial to be set in 2017 so the problem is handed to our next president as chief executive to get Attorney General to do some work.

Expect our new president to be full of “piss & vinegar” in 2017.  There is no security or safety in avoiding threats to our country.  We can continue to bury our enemies in aid money, as they ask for more.


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