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Dream world of USA president

January 2, 2016

In June of 2012 an executive order was issued by President Obama to stop deporting children that came into the USA illegally.  His intention was to let DREAMERS find their dream in our country.  Instead, nightmares and worse destroyed the lives of many children.

What could go wrong with sending children across South America without adults to sneak across the Mexican border?  I often see parents in Wisconsin giving their child a back pack for heading out to Mexico alone.  Most of the kids make it, I think?

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Shocking as it may seem, a lot of the children sneaking into the USA disappear in the USA when they are set free to dream.  Bad people who want to exploit helpless children eagerly enslave children for prostitution to obsessed depraved sex deviants.  Wisconsin is a major pipeline for moving sex slaves across our country.  Dreams do not come true when children cannot be protected by their parents.  Congressman Gutierrez does not expect children living in the streets on the South Side of Chicago to last very long but Dreamers are safe?

Transforming the USA by wide open borders to let in anyone and everyone keeps the criminals happy.  Many states had spontaneous protests of citizens trying to stop the forced resettlement of illegal aliens.  President Obama has zero Dreamers living with his family but the rest of the USA needs to look out for these children.  It is always great to rely on the citizens of the USA when the president does nothing.

Commercial news media does not bother to update the citizens of the USA on the huge influx of children again coming over the border from Mexico right now.  We were told months ago  by Homeland Security that there would be fewer children sneaking into the USA. My dream is that our government stops lying to the citizens of USA on illegal alien invasion.


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