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Who believes technology sets us free?

December 9, 2015

Technology gives people more ways to do really dumb things. The amazing thing is that technology brings entertainment your old aunt or grandma loves. When Al Gore invented the internet, did he foresee the explosion of Face Book? Can we ever get enough cute puppy or kitten video to watch on line?

Back in the dark ages of 1950’s, your aunt or grandma would bore relatives describing her cute kitten’s antics. Now, millions of people are glued to their LED monitor watching somebody’s cute kitten’s antics. What has changed? Obviously, we have all become brilliant and interested in watching kittens over the internet.

For the millions watching kitten postings, they are also bombarded with linked internet advertisers selling sex stimulants for grand pa, and diet pills to lose ugly fat. At least in the 1950’s your aunt or grandma did not sell your mailing address to hear more kitten adventures.

My main complaint on new technology is how every video game is based on blowing up, shooting, stabbing, and running over people. In the ancient days of the 1950’s, the action games were tag and king of the hill. We are happy to report that technology has reached more dumb people. We are sad to report, they are still dumb.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

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