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Pipe bombs purpose is to kill

December 3, 2015

The attack on a Christmas gathering in San Bernardino, California on December 2, 2015 stunned our country.  Our peace loving citizens were bewildered at the insanity of the carnage.  Now we had to doubt the sanity of our citizens that would launch a murderous assault that appeared senseless.  However, the truth is that this attack did make sense to the attackers.  They did not care what we think about them. They planned ahead because these killers built pipe bombs in advance for use in their attack.  It was not a spontaneous deranged act of gun loving crazy people.

Our president needs to call in the expertise of his professor buddy who built bombs to kill soldiers and police back in the good old days.  Bill Ayers was a coddled wealthy college student who wanted revolution and destruction of our institutions with guns and bombs.  Of course, he was protected by USA legal procedures using daddy’s money for top lawyers that tossed out any conviction for bomb building and connections to murders.  Professor Bill appreciates the use of bombs for overthrowing our laws and killing those who protect us.

The families of those murdered by the “Weathermen” terrorists of Bill Ayers have showed amazing restraint which is evident by Ayers still being alive.  I do not advocate citizens become vigilantes because the laws are subverted to protect the freedom of Bill Ayers.   Bill Ayers needs to be brought back into the spotlight to honor his arrogance in selecting who needs to die for his vision of transforming the USA.

Some of the neighbors of the killers did observe men going to the killers garage at odd hours in the dark of night over several days.  One lady wanted to alert police, but was afraid of being accused of racist profiling of her Muslim neighbor.  Yes, many people are afraid of the oppressive big brother approach to law enforcement now prevalent because of Bill Ayers buddy now serving as president.

Will we finally get some attention to the danger of letting citizens build pipe bombs?



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