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Turkey ignores USA advice

December 1, 2015

The chaos in Syria caused by their leader Assad has many Muslim countries refusing to aid the Muslim refugees.  President Obama advises Turkey to control their border to stop flow of Syria refugees.  Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan reminded our president of USA about open border of USA with Mexico.  Everybody is laughing at our president, even Turkey!

It is not clear if Turkey has sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants as in the USA.  We do not know of welfare benefits mandated to provinces of Turkey for illegal immigrants.  We do know that our president supports sanctuary cities in USA for illegal immigrants.  President has never enforced federal laws on illegal entry to USA.  Our president has threatened state governors with loss of federal money if they dare to deny welfare benefits to foreigners the states do not want.

Where is the hysterical weeping over Muslim children refugees being denied entry to Turkey?  How does our president dare to deny the Muslim “dreamer” children their right to a better life in Turkey?  This is total confusion on whether only USA is entitled to feel sympathy for the little children wandering in exile.  Turkey needs to be resolute on denying refugees entry.  USA needs to feel guilty on denying refugees entry?

Turkey might invite Donald Trump for advice on their wall along Syria border.  Turkey knows that our president’s advice on border security rings hollow.  They can see how the USA has no border control to stop illegal immigrants.  President Erdogan certainly has no confidence on listening to the advice of our president.

Legal citizens of USA just have to accept losing relatives by random murders, rapes, and death by drunk drivers that are committed by illegal aliens.  Plus we cannot possibly deny illegal aliens access to all of the rights of citizens in USA.  It is impossible to have any better enforcement of the border along Mexico per our president.



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