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“I’ll see you in Paris.”

November 29, 2015

Our president loves using social media.  I enjoy seeing his personal Face Book page and our official White House page which is his page anyway.  His White House page copied his personal page informing us of his exciting trip to Paris, France to save the world’s climate.  He did seem to slow down on his selfies for some reason that were always on his Tweets and Face Book postings.

His mission is to get a global agreement in Paris to limit climate change.  200 countries are showing up to defy ISIS, ISIL, Da’esh, and lunatic Christian killers.  It takes amazing courage to ignore our State Department warning against foreign travel for US citizens.  He laughs in the face of danger of death from the junior varsity team of terrorists.  Of course, these are the junior varsity terrorists that he laughed off as being contained before Paris massacre.

I understand setting standards for controlling pollution.  You measure chemicals spilled, or emissions of material in smoke to keep pollution under control.  I have seen real pollution in my youth driving by the Indiana steel mills that choked the sky with iron oxide from smoke stacks. How do you control the climate?  What is a good climate compared to a bad climate?  China shows what our pollution from our 1960’s is like in their country.  The agreement will have China promise to reduce pollution in 30 years?  Expect a lot of Chinese to die of lung disease and cancer.  USA has no industry that really pollutes, despite the hysterics of EPA adding hundreds of standards recently.

We can expect great news and a wonderful agreement from our president’s trip.  I am sure we will enjoy his speeches and boasting how he has saved the world climate.  He will ride his bicycle to the meetings to make a ecological statement.  NO, he will ride in his massive tank limousine that gets 4 miles per gallon.

He closed his social media update that “I’ll see you in Paris.”  How the hell will he see us from Paris?  I think he means we will be stuck seeing him in Paris giving speeches and press conferences for hours.  Happy days?

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