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Goodbye cowgirl Hasna blown up in France

November 21, 2015

Hasna Aitboulahcen used to dress up with a cowgirl hat when partying with friends. Her cousin got her to join his jihad crew and wear a suicide vest visiting him in France. Police found them in hunt for remaining terrorists from the Paris massacre. Hasna got to die with her cousin, but she failed in Jihad because only a brave police dog died by her blowing herself up.

The last thing people saw of Hasna blown to pieces was her head blown out of the apartment as well as her spine. There is no glory or history made by these self appointed killers for jihad. The people of France mourned the death of the German Shepard police dog Diesel. Vladimir Putin is a serious dog lover. He is sending a German Shepard puppy Dobrynia with his sympathies to the people of France.

From Russia with love courtesy of Vladimir Putin.

From Russia with love courtesy of Vladimir Putin.

Putin has also sent a lot of terrorists for a one way ticket to hell. Our president saw the Paris massacre as a setback. Putin saw it and took action. His gift of Dobrynia is a heartfelt gesture that has meaning. Our president left Paris with just mere words.

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