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USA feels no shame

November 18, 2015

The world leaders attending the G-20 summit in Turkey took time to recognize and mourn the suffering of the French from terrorists attack in Paris. Our president strolled in late as all were bowing their heads in silence to acknowledge those killed in Paris.

Our president had a brief press conference after the meetings of G-20. Reporters questioned president Obama on how the USA will adjust strategy to defeat ISIS. There was no need to change his strategy. He was stunned that reporters kept asking how he will adapt his strategy to terrorism. He already answered that question. He spoke in monotones with no emotion or empathy for all those suffering in this “setback” in France.

He did become animated and emotional lecturing USA that opposing Muslim refugees from Syria is shameful. Where is the shame from our president on ignoring the massacre in Syria from years ago? He did promise a red line, implying a military action coming from USA to stop massacre in Syria. Obama then handed off the problem to Putin to handle. That worked out well with a flood of refugees now in Europe.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Governors in the USA are focusing on protecting their citizens. Muslim refugees shoved into states by Obama will be turned over to Catholic Charities for a limited time. Then they are walking around our country with no supervision. Nobody will know where they are in USA. (Why does USA rely upon a religious charity for federal duties?)

Our new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan needs to take the lead to preserve our union and keep us a nation that is truly United States of America.

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