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Attacks by Muslims are growing

November 14, 2015

Why did Europe send Crusaders to drive out Muslims by sword, axe, and arrows? Liberals love to blame Catholic religion and greedy royalty for slaughter of Muslims in the Crusades. Our liberal leadership ignores the fact that the Crusades were in response to Muslims invading and killing in Europe. The invasion went on for decades before the citizens were demanding to drive out Muslims.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Anybody care to remember the Muslim atrocities against USA that I know during my lifetime? We lost marines blown up in camp under president Reagan. We lost sailors blown up under president Clinton and Blackhawk down. September 11, 2001 demonstrated the intent of Muslim terrorists in USA. President Obama had thousands of our troops killed with his coffee house rules of engagement to be fair and considerate to Muslim terrorists.

When Europe responds to Muslim attacks, then they will be driving Muslims out of their continent. It will be cruel, and it may offend liberals sense of justice. If you are under attack, then you are not content to sit and take it. How insane are our liberals to demand importing Muslims from Syria?

Sharia law zones in Europe will soon be taking root in USA. This concedes exemptions from state law to the Muslim laws. When our brave citizens stopped a train terrorist in Europe recently, France was grateful. This incident was just a small warning sign of growing terrorist invaders.

There is no good humane response to Muslim terrorists. The innocent Muslims will suffer because Europe cannot trust them to stop terrorist Muslims. Maybe the USA will take this problem more seriously when New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle get terrorist attacks from Muslims. We do appreciate our president responding to our threats by sending 50 soldiers to Syria.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.


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