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Cruz spoke clearly in debate

November 11, 2015

The flood of illegal aliens demanding protection by our laws ignored our laws to sneak in here. During the Republican debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday, I especially enjoyed Cruz on the topic of kindness and compassion to the flood of illegal aliens our president Obama coddles with false promises of freedom.

The media elites and college professors can be generous with the jobs of blue collar workers being given to illegal aliens. How about television reporters and university jobs for the illegal alien video journalists and professors? Cruz laughed at his own observation that suddenly illegal aliens would become a national crisis that demands our government stop this invasion. The motivation to demand action of course, is the loss of money suddenly from the pockets of the liberal elites. Illegal immigrants taking money from liberal elites would be the catastrophe that demands immediate action!

When the shoe is on the other foot, then it does not feel so good. So the middle class loss of jobs to illegal immigrants was ignored as not a real problem to journalists and professors. However, if professors and journalist start losing jobs to illegal aliens, then it is a national emergency! I appreciate Ted Cruz wit and sarcasm as the truth of our times. He speaks clearly and without any questions on what he says.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

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