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How does a president get rich in office?

November 9, 2015

Our current president has a government salary of $400,000 per year paid by those of us who do pay taxes. While in our White House, his net worth of personal wealth is valued at $12.2 million !

Obama wealth is in contrast to former president Bill Clinton who left office nearly destitute according to his wife Hillary Clinton. She was suffering in silence with this financial burden. I will be planning a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Clintons to help them out.

When Barrack Obama was a candidate to become Senator from Illinois, his net worth was estimated to be 20 bucks. This little mullato boy from Kenya has become rich by a career in politics. Only in Illinois can a Democrat become wealthy while blaming rich people for all of our problems in the USA. The mayor hopes Obama can afford his property taxes and income taxes when he retires in Chicago soon.

Friends of Obama convinced him to share his experiences and vision for our future in 2 books that made him wealthy. Hillary got a lot of money for writing a book as well. I will let everybody know how they can buy my book I am working on at this time; SO WHAT?

I feel worried that Hillary cannot afford to live in the White House again as president. Her love of country may cost her too dearly in family finances. Bernie Sanders who is a tight wad might be better suited to continue to live as a poor family in the White House.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

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