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Technology makes tyrants powerful from WWII up to today

November 8, 2015

Eric Auchard of CBS News shared an update; Newly uncovered Nazi-era documents shed light on the alleged role IBM played in helping Hitler to carry out the Holocaust in Poland, according to the author of a controversial book on the subject.

Investigative reporter Edwin Black, the author of a book published last year entitled “IBM and the Holocaust”, puts forward further evidence to support his claims of IBM’s knowledge and complicity in Nazi operations in wartime Poland in the paperback version to be published this week.

Historians working as part of Black’s research team said that in the paperback they had pieced together the previously fragmented story of IBM’s role in supplying the organizational machinery used to to transport millions of people to Polish death camps.

Black and his researchers said recently discovered Nazi government documents in the U.S. National Archives and Polish eyewitness testimony link IBM’s U.S. operations directly to the operations of the Third Reich in occupied Poland.

The relevance to us today is how IBM pursuit of business opens the cyber security door for China. Lenovo of China bought the IBM sagging laptop business, and in exchange for this deal connections were set for software projects using IBM resources. I am not a technology expert so I have no idea how software architecture can be copied or hacked. IBM is a major investment by Berkshire Hathaway.

Human nature, greed, and pursuit of more money over the best interests of USA is still alive and well. Just look how Warren Buffett celebrated death of Keystone Pipeline project that locked in more future rail shipments of oil for the old Burlington Northern Railroad bought by Berkshire Hathaway. Oil freight is huge volume and very profitable for railroads compared to pipeline shipping savings. Of course, Buffett is seen as an ideal citizen and great business man by the corporate cronyism favored with our president.

The cyber security issues are real threats to our country and our economy by theft and subverting stolen technical secrets of our national defense. What action is being taken by our president? We do not need retaliation. We need initiative to deny our enemies access to our own technology experts.

Killing millions of Jews during WWII may not be very important to us today. However, never underestimate the power of greed to influence poor decisions by major US companies that endanger all of us.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

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