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Transportation Safety Authority fails bomb tests

November 3, 2015

President Obama proudly shoved all TSA employees into the federal utopia of union membership. Nobody gets fired, and we always need more employees to get the job done.

The 2nd testing of smuggling bomb materials onto airplanes by a government audit team did confirm that we can be sure bombs do get through screening.  We applaud the groping, probing, and confiscating routinely done by TSA.  However, it appears these activities do not affect sneaky bomb makers beating security for getting onto airplanes.

There is no question that adding more union federal workers fills our president with ecstasy and joy.  We will get more promises that this 2nd failure across the TSA system can be corrected with more union employees and more bonus money. Nobody will be fired and we can expect more money used from new debt ceiling for morale boosting trips to motivate TSA dullards.

“Several of our field leaders and officers have also recommended a Model Transportation Security Officer Project to determine model performance criteria. The project is intended to incentivize performance and emphasize the values and standards frontline employees are expected to uphold across the enterprise. I am a strong proponent of incentivizing performance, as this can be a powerful instrument to drive employee behaviors. Through these efforts, we intend to convey our values, measure them, and evaluate performance against these new expectations, uniting the TSA workforce behind critical agency reforms that will deliver organizational alignment and strengthen our security posture.” TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger has the delusion that this government program is an “enterprise”.   An enterprise in essence is taking the prize or goal.  It appears this TSA enterprise consistently fails the life or death threats of smuggling bombs onto airplanes.  Sounds like our future relies upon offering better incentives for the union workforce to have better morale while still failing in protecting us.

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?


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