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We reveal all our military secrets?

November 1, 2015

Thanks goodness our military are not at war anymore under President Obama.  A promise and pledge was made publicly by our fearless leader after our glorious exit from combat in the mountains and desert land of the Muslims.  We do not need to lose more soldiers in combat and we do not need to set combat boots on their foreign land.  However, advisors from USA are now going back into combat areas just to observe and support endless warfare.  Maybe some will get killed, but the pledge of no boots on the ground is in tatters anyway.

Our president has no plan on winning any war.  He just does not want to be blamed for losing every war he was leading as commander in chief.  The history books will not consider his delusions about international law keeping the world at peace.  Going back to the blood shed by USA during the Viet Nam war, it started with “advisors” who were the front line warriors battling the China military.  Presidents Kennedy and Johnson escalated the use of force to defeat the Chinese communist conquest of Viet Nam.

Our Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter knows the rules of propaganda in our current White House.  Any advisor killed in combat in Iraq now, was never in combat.  Military shot and killed in Iraq were just observers and advisors with guns.  Carter was upset that the secret plan of sending a lone US destroyer to confront the Chinese navy was in the news last week.  However, our White House revealing adding 50 advisors with air force Wart Hogs for support was just fine.  What will 50 troops do in turning the tide against ISIS?  It is the stuff of legend and lore how Sparta sent 300 to their certain death to confront the Persian invading army invading Greece.  Who expects 50 soldiers to defeat the Muslim army of ISIS?

We know that our president is playing politics with the lives and deaths of our military.  Either win or leave.  Our military leadership that are true warriors grow weary of the word games that let more die for propaganda.  Let the president lead his favorite LGBT troops in public parades with rainbow flags to make himself happy.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

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