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Why USA needs more bourbon!

October 5, 2015

If Hillary is auditioning to become a bar tender, then we know Happy Hour is a just a memory. Everybody has to cherish and enjoy their favorite saloon or tavern. I am absolutely convinced that drinking together is what we need in the USA. Would I knowingly walk into a bar tended by Hillary? NEVER! I want to have fun and relaxation sharing cocktails with neighbors and buddies.

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

I had a lot of concern that our country was wandering in the prohibition wilderness 20 years ago. Sales of hard liquor were plunging and appreciation of our heritage in whiskey barrels was vanishing. The Millennial generation is restoring my hope that we all can enjoy a cocktail again! The value of premium bourbon has entered the stratosphere. I am looking forward to driving to the Jack Daniels distillery while attending the Cadillac Allante Club car meet in Nashville.

My wife’s 40th high school reunion in Hinsdale, Illinois had a charity fund raiser with raffle tickets. She won a bottle of Old Fitzgerald barreled in 1947 and bottled back in 1955. Her girl friend class mate inherited from her father his collection of liquor. He had excellent taste in selecting his collection. I was delighted at her good luck to win a bottle she donated for the drawing. I definitely look forward to our visiting her class mate and seeing this astounding collection. This bottle is valued over $1,000.

Too many of her class mates were buried, or in failing health unable to attend. Those attending were merry indeed to celebrate enjoying life together. I see our duty is to survive and enjoy life together. Millennials are dedicated to enjoying life to full measure! I do not trust the dooms day prophets of our failings and misery. I prefer to have a laugh together and a cocktail to celebrate our lives.

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

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