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USA is in back seat while Putin is driving?

September 30, 2015
Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

Our president officially gave his permission to let Vladimir Putin take control at UN meeting. Syria has a buddy in the Kremlin selling weapons and military support to keep Assad in power. We can sit back and just watch what happens now.

There is little point in listing the accomplishments of our foreign policy, because there are none. ISIS is on the march and growing. Iraq is in ruins. Afghanistan is collapsing. Ukraine has been forgotten by the USA. China has a military alliance with Russia. China is invading our sea boundaries. China is infringing on airspace of our air force. Russia has instructed USA to stay out of Syria air space.

When our president speaks, nobody listens anymore. Even his loyal supporters do not expect any more gifts of “Obama-phones”. The union leaders got their reward from the president on denying the Keystone pipeline. This decision only took 6 years. That is Obama working on a fast track review? Canada was reassured in the 2012 campaign that their patience would be rewarded. Canada learned their reward by waiting for Obama.

We do need to send more of our reporters to Siberia now. Their blind loyalty to hiding the blemishes of our fearless leader did deny us facts. USA public only knows 10% of what our allies have learned with press from Europe accurately reporting our problems.

Survey of USA public confirms we do not trust our commercial news reporting. Donald Trump is ready to alert his audience when a “reporter” is not seeking facts but seeking publicity.

Putin does have reporters, lawyers, and whistle blowers mysteriously die when unveiling his failures. I think Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos can anchor news broadcasts from Moscow for the next 5 years. They both did an excellent job of shielding our president Obama from any blame on his obvious failures. They can set a new standard of excellence in propaganda in Russia.

Putin might even be more popular than Obama because Russia has zero tolerance for Islamic terrorists. Putin does have allies with Muslims around the world who also do not want to tolerate Islamic terrorists. However, Obama cautioned the UN not to profile Islam as primary source of terrorist activity. Even England’s prime minister Cameron had to inform our president that all of the active terrorists are Islamic!

I do like vodka and caviar. I do like Cuban cigars. Our president has failed our country, but I can find some consolation by enjoying Russia and Cuba best products.

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