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U.S. cannot solve world’s problems alone!

September 28, 2015

Our president came to the United Nations to make a speech. He didn’t go there to really do anything. There was thunderous silence to his soaring oratory. He proclaimed to all; “U.S. cannot solve world’s problems alone!” He certainly was capable of creating most of the deadly problems around the world now.

Of course, he held up his trophy kill, the Iran nuclear deal. He kept waiting for thunderous applause and only saw wrinkled brows and frowns. We shipped weapons to Syria illegally from Benghazi during the killing of our ambassador Stevens by the Libya terrorists from overthrow of government. We ignored the killing of thousands in Syria and promised a red line that disappeared. The people of Iran were in the streets ready to overthrow their oppressors and never got any helping hand. Instead we forced a deal with their oppressors in Iran to continue their nuclear ambitions.

Nobody in the world pays attention to our president anymore. His delusion of being the leader of the world has melted away. Now he declares we have strategically left the world stage. The world is on the verge of a global depression, and he increases the burdens on the engine of growth in the USA.

He has a delusion of a global community. Even Pope Francis knows that humanity has always faced evil and that many embrace the devil for worldly gains. Not everyone will be saved. He should send some community organizers to convert ISIS. Most of the delegates to the UN are scratching their heads at his incredible arrogance and ignorance of history.

He is graciously willing to let Iran and Russia fight ISIS because he will not do anything but talk. But Obama said ISIS needs war to grow. So if we fight ISIS, then we make them stronger?

You kill evil. You do not make speeches to stop evil. You kill evil to stop evil.

His destruction of Libya government, and indifference to Syria butchery on massive scale have created a massive refugee exodus across Europe. Now he pledges to take 0.05% of the people fleeing his failed diplomacy. Those people have no idea how bad things are getting here in the USA.

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

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