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Stone the devil was deadly 2015

September 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia has estimated that 1.95 million pilgrims gathered during the Haj. One of the activities of worship is to stone the devil. Two streams of pilgrims tried crossing at an intersection with deathly results. Hundreds upon hundreds of pilgrims were crushed and killed by pilgrims.

I do not like being in crowds anyway. The Indianapolis 500 is exciting and I did go with my wife in 1994 in A.J.Foyt pit area seating we won bidding at a charity auction.

We were amid hundreds of thousands of people all pouring out after a great race won by Al Unser Jr. I did not feel panic, but I did not feel comfortable being pushed and carried along by a mass of people around us. They were selling helicopter rides out but my wife was scared and refused so we kept plodding along by foot.

USA had a lot of pilgrims crowding in to see Pope Francis during his visit. We didn’t have anybody crushed in mob panics. Saudi Arabia has annually Haj pilgrims visiting. It is hard to understand how an annual event going for centuries can become such a tragic surprise.

There is some merit to consider a “stone the devil” tradition in the USA. Of course, this would offend the atheists who refuse to acknowledge any devil. Celebrating this around Washington D.C. could include some interaction with our elected representatives and bureaucrats in both EPA & IRS. However, we can expect them to leave town avoiding this celebration of attacking the devil.

I loved Flip Wilson when he hosted his own television show with guest celebrities. Flip always had the famous excuse; “The devil made me do it!” It was even funnier because he was Geraldine who was a wayward lady. We don’t have anybody in our popular culture with his humor or powers of observation.

Best excuse is blaming the devil!

Best excuse is blaming the devil!

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