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We need Dirty Harry again!

September 17, 2015

These times of rioting, inciting racial divisions, and considering police as pigs to be slaughtered are not new. Let’s go back to the ancient times of 1971. Into the mainstream culture a tough law enforcement officer became a national celebrity. Dirty Harry was a movie character portrayed by Clint Eastwood with a smoldering anger on the judicial bias toward criminal protection.

Today in 2015 we have a president and an attorney general who talk like all police are brutes, thugs, and are only hired if they have a racial bias against blacks. This meddling does not help the victims who are predominantly black. Crime punishes the black families who cannot afford to leave gang dominated neighborhoods.

It would really help if our attorney general spent a month living in Chicago, Baltimore, or Memphis to see first hand the challenges of controlling criminals. It is easy to control police by demanding more regulations, federal investigations, and ordering police to be bystanders watching rioters burn down a city. It is easy to wonder out loud if police are too rough and too quick to handcuff suspects. It is more important to the citizens being targeted by criminals to get the police involved in fighting crime again.

Our economy and our employment under president Carter and under his clone president Obama are punishing our working families. It has never been a better time to be a criminal than right now! Arrested criminals can collect thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars on suing the police that arrest them. Even Dirty Harry would be shocked at lawyers making money for arrested criminals.

How many of my fellow citizens would volunteer to go on a midnight ride to a murder site in the south side of Chicago today? Some of these actually turn into an ambush to attack police! There is no doubt that if our president had someone break into his home in Chicago, he would not be the one to handle the invader.

President Reagan enjoyed using a phrase made famous by Clint Eastwood’s character; Go ahead! Make my day! Let me give you a clue. Dirty Harry enjoyed the opportunity to subdue a criminal with force if necessary.

This is the most powerful hand gun on earth!  Do you feel lucky punk?

This is the most powerful hand gun on earth! Do you feel lucky punk?

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