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Antarctic drilling is fine with Obama?

August 29, 2015
3 Emporors  Penguins photo from Antarctic by Robyn Waseman of NSF.

3 Emporors Penguins photo from Antarctic by Robyn Waseman of NSF.

Oil drilling in the pristine nature preserve of Antarctic is fine with our environmental guardian President Obama. Does he care that the penguins may suffer anxiety and extinction? Our National Science Foundation has spent a fortune on their US Antarctic Program to study, photograph, and stomp around the frozen remote region at the end of our earth.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill from deep water drilling was a fiasco that our government allowed. The drilling equipment exemptions done by low level local employees of our Minerals Management Service led to the largest oil spill in US history as the legacy of our environmental president.

The solution to this disaster was our president destroying in 2011 the organization and creating 2 new bureaucracies. 2 for the expense of 3 is the perfect solution to a failure of epic proportions. Now we have Abigail Ross Harper as the Director of Bureau of Ocean Energy Management reassuring us that everything will be fine. We also have Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to offer conflicting and disorganized information.

Shell oil company may have donated money for the Obama Library and his foundation. We know we can all feel confident that the penguins would want our president to get more money. I have to admire the audacity of our president crying and moaning over saving the planet from carbon dioxide that we all exhale. I have to laugh that the environmental doom people will now have to live with penguin anxiety from oil drilling.

Of course commercial news media ignores the hypocrisy of the savior of our environment walking away from the Antarctic penguins at their time of need. Our government response to the Gulf oil spill was mass confusion. Federal theft of state oil clean up equipment did not help Louisiana protect their own environment. Obama was too lazy to even get involved until the news media was wondering where is federal action.

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