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Learn to do nothing better!

August 26, 2015

My greatest accomplishment is doing nothing! Every day we are warned of a new crisis and more impending disasters. I found that if you ignore the forecasts, and avoid the government studies on looming doom, then you are more likely to enjoy life. I know a lot of brilliant people who have lived miserable lives. A lot of brilliant people are on a mission to make most of us miserable. I will take a nap as their dooms day rants annoy most of the public.

Doing nothing requires discipline and practice. Holiday family gatherings include a swirl of last minute errands for the pistachio nuts or ear plugs. I volunteer to brave the throngs of holiday shoppers, and go to the tranquility of a well stocked bar. Drinking a rum and Coke helps me savor the moment, and collect my thoughts on the laziest way to finish my mission. Plus it gives me an excuse to add some stuff nobody wants but me on my excursion. My wife tells me “We don’t need that!” and then I buy it anyway because I wanted it.

When I finally return, nobody noticed how long I was gone because the whirl of holiday preparations makes everyone dizzy. I can only take watching this blur of activity for a limited time. I offer to make a few cocktails for those ready for some holiday cheer. Then I do not feel guilty for settling down to enjoy my drink and nod at whatever my wife says.

I have made more money through investing by doing nothing! Changing investments every day is not as necessary as changing underwear every day. I will discuss with my wife what I think about the financial markets once a week. We may make adjustments twice a year on our investments.

It takes courage to do nothing, when hysteria has everyone spooked. I feel sympathy for all those losing money by getting spooked into impulsive decisions. Take a nap, and consider making a cocktail before selling everything and moving to a bunker. Plus all this commotion can make children anxious that their parents are nuts.

My best advice is to enjoy rainy days, sunny days, and the company of those we love without arguing. Most things in life seem to work out, or we find how something terrible was not so bad after all. I continue to perfect my skill of doing nothing better than anyone else.

"If I had my life to live over, I'ld live over a saloon."

“If I had my life to live over, I’ld live over a saloon.”

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  1. August 26, 2015 6:24 pm

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    I’ll have, whatever W.C., is having! >Hic!<

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