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We are fighting evil!

August 25, 2015

Evil works to terrify people and those who do evil deeds are cowards at heart. We are brave people. We stand up to cowards trying to terrify, kill, and subvert good people to accept evil. In Louisiana a state trooper was brutally killed for no reason by a coward who chose the path of evil.

State Trooper Steven Vincent was gunned down in cold blood by the driver of a vehicle in a ditch along the road. It was a meaningless act of violence that ended Vincent’s life, and changed the world of his family. A driver nearing the scene was flagged down by people nearby calling for help. They warned him that the man ahead had a gun that shot the officer.

Robert LeDoux proceeded to walk up to the scene of the crime. The killer told him to mind his own business and leave. LeDoux charged at a run and tackled him to the ground. The bystanders followed LeDoux and assisted in restraining and handcuffing the killer. Robert found that the name badge of the trooper was the brother of his friend on the police force.

We are a great country with brave and good people. There will always be evil among us. However, we do not accept acts of evil as spectators anymore. We are taking down those who do evil acts. This is not trained or explained. We feel the power of good to combat evil and we are fighting evil.

We can be killed by evil people, but we choose to fight evil. A mad dog does not need therapy or counseling when it is attacking you. You need to stop the dog attack by any means available.

Cowards do pay attention. These random acts of courage by our citizens do put the evil on notice that we are not whimpering victims. God bless the USA!

Robert LeDoux was sad he could not save the trooper.

Robert LeDoux was sad he could not save the trooper.

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