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Destiny is next stop for train trip to France

August 22, 2015

Spencer Stone is an Air Force service man traveling with his buddies Anthony Sadler visiting from USA, and Alek Skarlatos a National Guard from Oregon. High speed rail travel in Europe is efficient and fun.

A French passenger found a Jihad Dumb Ass loading a gun while traveling in Belgium when he opened the door to the toilet. He got shot surprising him, but fortunately not a mortal wound. Dumb Ass from Morocco starts down the passenger car shooting. Our red blooded USA men recognized the mortal danger hearing the gun fire. Alek saw him changing his rifle clip for ammunition and yells to his buddy Spencer; “Spencer, GO!” He dashed down the aisle and tackled Jihad Dumb Ass. Spencer ripped the rifle out of his grasp, with dumb ass reaching for his semi automatic pistol with Alek knocking that away. Dumb Ass pulls a box cutter and starts to cut away at Spencer to get free. Spencer keeps his choke hold despite the blood pouring from him. Alek and Anthony use their fists and the rifle butte to knock out Dumb Ass. A British passenger hopped on board to subdue Dumb Ass as well.

This all happened in a couple of minutes. Destiny and death can happen in an instant. You do not get a moment to deliberate or consider options. You either act or become a victim. I know the spirit of our citizens are ready when called upon, just like the passengers on flight 93 storming the cockpit to stop the terrorists on 9/11.

This millennial generation has the spirit and the courage to respond to threats of mortal danger. I am proud of my son and his army buddies who did not all come home from combat duty in Iraq. I applaud and respect the courage to face death without hesitation to save lives.

The Jihad terror threat is their random attacks on civilians in public places. The USA threat is that if we are there, then we are not victims for Jihad Dumb Ass attackers.

Anthony Sadler, Alek Skartotas, and Chris Norman from train. Spencer Stone in hospital.

Anthony Sadler, Alek Skartotas, and Chris Norman from train. Spencer Stone in hospital.

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