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Islamic terrorists moving to Chicago

August 20, 2015

The major achievement of the current president is coming to Chicago! The Obama Library with his selfies, YouTube videos, and hundreds of hours of speeches are to be in Chicago. We have also learned that his Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is planning to move the Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The best site would be across the street from the Obama library in Chicago.

You can visit Obama’s relocated terrorists by walking across the street from his library. On lucky days, you will participate in drive by gang shootings as a wounded white cracker. The Black Lives Matter street artists will enact robbing and shooting tourists for a memorable day. They may actually keep your wallet and jewelry as a donation for White Guilt Trip.

If you do make it alive to the new Islamic Sharia Law Center you can learn bomb making, IED camouflage, and enjoy recreation in their Jihad gymnasium. The souvenir shop will include stolen priceless artifacts from Christian churches destroyed by Jihad. Bowe Bergdahl parents will be culture guides for Islamic immersion therapy. Bowe’s dad will teach you how to pronounce names and handy phrases if you get captured for ransom.

Bergdahl parents will introduce you to Sharia Law Center in Chicago.

Bergdahl parents will introduce you to Sharia Law Center in Chicago.

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