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Torturing Kayla Mueller’s parents

August 19, 2015

Volunteering aid to help people around Syria led to the capture of Kayla Mueller. We learn more about the USA from foreign press, such as The Independent from England. Mueller was captured in August of 2013 and fellow captives managed to escape who reported Mueller’s location to USA commandos in Iraq in November of 2014. These brave teen aged survivors gave valuable information to help her rescue.

Carl and Marsha Mueller have not only lost their daughter, but have endured the callous indifference of the White House toward their captive daughter. The so called rescue attempt in February of 2015 was a public relations stunt. The proper response to our commando information would have been a Christmas gift back in 2014! For some reason, our dim wit president assumes the world moves according to his leisurely pace of deliberation. However, this miserable failure in rescue did show our resolute president promising our swift justice for her death. Justice will happen in 2017 with a new president who really cares about her murder.

ISIS demanded a hostage release and a ransom of money for Mueller. Her parents were threatened of their prosecution if they dared to interfere in the deliberate delayed pace of inactivity by our White House. Then our same White House was kind enough to share the details on Kayla’s sexual torture and rape by the caliph of Islamic State, Al-Baghdadi. That certainly was what the grieving parents needed to know after her death? Their loss, our failure, plus sexual slave story are too much to handle.

There was no Rose Garden event like the Bergdahl parents who seem to have disappeared from our president’s social calendar. The parents of Kayla Mueller have no consolation or justice from our White House. Our president just confirmed that ISIS has nothing to fear from USA. But they should be sorry that the brutal death of Kayla makes our president mad.

Mueller Family album picture of beloved daughter Kayla.

Mueller Family album picture of beloved daughter Kayla.

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