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Planting seeds

August 16, 2015

We have no future if nobody plants seeds. By the time the inventory of food is used up, it is too late to start planting seeds. We cannot prevent drought, tornadoes, or floods. There are seasons that limit the crops after all the work was done.

Farmers try to time their planting to match the cycle of seasons ideal for growth. Farmers try to improve their equipment to be more efficient versus the added cost. Nobody seems to really pay attention to farmers so long as there is plenty of food available.

Everybody knows where food comes from? Food comes in cans, cardboard boxes, and butcher paper. I find it fascinating that our agriculture industry in the USA is not even worth one word in the forum of upcoming election for president. If any item of food in the grocery shopping list gets to be very expensive, then the howling and complaining begins!

Farmers are unusual. They are stewards of the land. They have to deal with animals as friends and dangerous at times. They have to tend to their animals around the clock every day in every season. Their equipment freezes and cracks in brutal winters. Their tractors sink in mud and have equipment from satellites to plant straight rows of corn. The market price for their produce can be less than their costs at the time of sale.

It would make me feel better about my next meal, if I knew that one candidate for president discusses agriculture issues. It is too late to start helping our agriculture industry, after shortages hit.

Farmers do not whine or want spontaneous hugs. They are independent characters for sure. They take tax depreciation for tractors that need loans for half a million dollars. They pay cash for everything else. Before the end of the year, if they have too much profit then they will buy a $90,000 pick up truck for tax depreciation. They may wear worn work clothes, but their land holdings can be worth millions. None of them became wealthy fast. This is the result of a life’s work. Some die near poverty when the markets are against them, or got divorced. Then the land they worked becomes a tax problem for the heirs with estate taxes.

Most farmers’ children see how hard they work and choose another path for work. The high technology in new farm equipment make tractor cabs more like space shuttles. Old tractors are expensive hobbies. New tractors and harvesting equipment take millions of dollars and high technology maintenance. The crazy exception are the Amish farmers who do well!

The candidates for president now in Iowa take farmers for granted. Can one of the candidates discuss the challenges and regulations that are the burden of our farmers?

We should import all of our food and stop farming now!

We should import all of our food and stop farming now!

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