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EPA ignores methane problem in Washington D.C.

August 13, 2015

Back on February 1 of last year, your humble hobo raised concerns on EPA enforcing their methane regulations in our nation’s capitol. Recent methane readings are higher than last year!

Nancy Pelosi emissions are off the chart. Is she living on beans and sauerkraut? She should be in a Plexiglas gas chamber box to avoid polluting Congress more. The final design of the gas chamber is being kept secret at this point. She could wear a snorkel to get fresh air from outside the box.

The president refuses to let the White House get tested for methane levels. The Michelle Obama focus on gaseous vegetables for her colon cleansing hobby is a problem. The president has been tooting his own horn in public more often. If it is not necessary, it is safer to avoid traveling to the White House now.

The EPA website has extensive regulations and limits for methane from oil and gas industry. The gas CH4 is certainly a stinker! Everybody knows which way the wind blows when methane is in the air.

At the present the only remedy is to hold your nose in Washington D.C. to avoid the noxious gas. This gas is explosive. Anyone familiar with Dumb and Dumber recalls the terrifying scene of methane emissions on fire for the amusement of Jim Carrey. For conspiracy theorists, the methane lobby has effectively ended Jim Carrey’s career and he is invisible since his classic movie.

Washington D.C. squanders their methane like prankster Carrey.

Washington D.C. squanders their methane like prankster Carrey.

It is time to end the cozy arrangement of EPA letting methane levels in our federal government to exceed limits set for us tax payers. Do not light a match anywhere near the White House when our president is working. Have no fear, because he seldom works.

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