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EPA spill in Colorado “Poses no threat to wildlife”

August 10, 2015
EPA said their spill will not harm wildlife!

EPA said their spill will not harm wildlife!

The federal Environmental Protection Agency wants to reassure everybody in Colorado, as well those down stream that the EPA spill poses no threat to wild life. That is very reassuring?

Let me imagine that I am a farmer along a flowing river, and some fertilizer washed off my land into the river. Would the EPA just ignore the impact on the river? Probably expect court hearings, fines, fees, and mandatory environmental inspections for years.

Water quality is essential to every form of life on our planet. EPA wants to take control of any water anywhere in the USA. They justify this dominion over our water as essential to protecting life. The lunacy of minimizing the pollution and destruction of river wildlife by this same EPA confirms that our federal government believes everybody is stupid and brain washed.

We got upset seeing the BP oil spill in Gulf region. We can’t see anybody giving national updates on this spill in Colorado. Now that the damage has been done, there is nothing to say now. We need to hold EPA accountable for all the damage done to local municipal water systems. Reparation for lost income to local tourist town business along river is important.

Who will hold the EPA accountable for their poor management of their core responsibility? Saying “sorry” has no remedial effects for Colorado and their neighbors.

EPA sent their staff into Navajo Nation to have a form signed waiving the EPA from any future reparations from the damage of the leak. That demonstrates perfectly that the EPA wants to stick it to our poorest native Americans shoved into reservations forced upon them. At least they did not bribe them with fire water? We got awesome lawyers in EPA ready to screw all of us!

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