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Poor Management of federal land burns forests

August 3, 2015

Why does our federal government just accept expanding forest fires? Federal land needs better forestry management to reduce wild fires and scorched earth. We see our president make speeches on executive orders forcing the electric utility plants to have the same emissions as a flower garden. We have no plan and no goal to reduce forest fires on federal land.

Forest fire emissions have the same amount of emissions as the entire USA annual automobile emissions! We target stricter emission standards for cars and trucks. We just accept forest fires?

There is a higher cost to actually work on managing forest land. Talk to my Menominee Nation forestry management. They are actively thinning fire hazards and harvesting wood. Our forest fire emissions are 0.01% of US federal forest land. If our federal government refuses to take responsibility for protecting and managing federal land, then be fined for the carbon dioxide emissions on their land.

National Center for Scientific Research worked with University of California satellite monitoring to measure the emissions from forest fires. A detailed methodology was presented by Carlo Trozzi with the calculation values for different types of trees consumed in fire.

Staffing to oversee land management is efficiently done by the Menominee. By the way, every major forest fire in the USA draws upon the Menominee fire fighters who are experienced in attacking the fire. Spending more money to save forests and actually get cash from safe harvesting of forests will improve our safety.

Lightning will not burn down a forest, if the source of dead timber is taken away. We make no attempt to clear dead wood because we restrict forest management.

Menominee forest management avoids wild fires.

Menominee forest management avoids wild fires.

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